Watch: best online cycling videos – films and documentaries

Best cycling videosWords can only say so much. Here then are some moving pictures for you in a collection of top cycling videos. This is a compilation of feature-length and shorts, be they touring, road biking, fixed gear, cycling on ice, or simply cycling for the fun of it.

I say best, these cycling videos are just some of my favourites I’ve been watching on Vimeo (sorry YouTube) of late to inspire me to get out on the bike even though it is mid-winter. So there’s no Danny you know who, no hipster tricksters, no Rapha clad adverts disguised as documentaries, and certainly no Go Pro helmet cams recording near misses on dreary commutes. The only thing viral about these videos is the way they increase your cycling fever and make you want to ride.

Each of these videos made me want to jump on the bike and feel the wind in my hair. Here they are in no particular order. Fifteen videos, totalling just over two hours of enjoyment. Sit back, let the wind flow through the microphone and simply imagine.

Cycle touring through Kyrgyzstan

A humorously narrated voyage into the unknown, cycling on roads, gravel and rocks, moving until the road no longer exists and then cycling some more. This is why we cycle.

Cue soaring music, epic vistas

Another cycle touring video. It’s well documented that I love cycle touring. Adventure. Nothing beats a good bike tour. Some journeys are epic. Some awesome. Every one memorable. Before I die, I’d like to embark on a monster bike tour. And I will.

Eye opening

How two wheels open your eyes to the beauty (and not so beautiful things) the world has to offer. From Argentinian steaks to aeroplane meals and everything in between. Note how many of these scenic shots are from Chile.

Ice, ice, baby

There’s some truly beautiful scenery, alien landscapes and lonely roads in Iceland. Bumpy roads at that. Oh and lots of that windy stuff too. Two adventurers, one goal: cycle around Iceland. Not sure whether to salute their choice of riding fixed gear or admonish it. The latter probably. Either way, I’d love to complete this ride, apart from the stinking sheep clothing that is…

Inspirational misery

This video mostly made me want to stay indoors in the dry. Mostly. Rain, rain and more rain for an adventurous festive 500km ride in one session. Forty plus hours of straight riding. In the rain. Watch as the rider’s faces drain of emotion, of life. Can they do it?

I lost my heart to…

…Chile. More beauty here. I will visit Chile. I will. I will. This is the perfect bike tour. A very well put together video with landscapes that make you want to reach out and ride them.

The real Lance Armstrong

No, not him. This is a cancer survivor pedalling in an attempt to beat the world record of cycling as far as you can in seven days. That’s a whopping 1,748 miles. The man can cycle at 21 mph for a long, long time. Can you do the math? Does he make it?

Evil cyclists eh?

A short tale of common courtesy, cyclist style. An everyday hero.

Riding on ice

Normally I’d advise against riding on ice. But not with tyres like these.

The world’s best cycle mechanics

Imagine a world with no LBS. No Wiggle. Nooooo! In Cuba there are no new bike parts. Yet bikes still need fixing. The local mechanic is your neighbour. His workshop is his living room. Spare parts are fashioned from the great scrap yard of recycled bits and bobs. They use hammers for bike repairs, just like me. Only they know what they’re doing. Heroes.

In the zone

OK, so the cinematography could be improved but I enjoyed the story with words that will ring true for many of us.

The failed hill climb – We’ve all been here

The dirty dozen race series featuring the magnificent Canton Avenue hill climb. Watch as riders struggle up this hill (with many a steep hill climb already in their legs). Bravo. And look out for the woman flying up until she is brought down by the dude in front of her. That sucks.

Building up speed

Take a bike, add a beast of a chainwheel and then ride it behind an old vintage car as fast as you can in the pursuit of speed.

Taking on the tour – without the peloton

An admirable effort for Tour de Dan Francis. Quite the journey for this amateur cyclist who took on some of the tougher stages of the Tour de France. British readers will have seen some of the idents during the ad breaks of a recent tour.

Nothing is easy

A switch to the stubbly tires of bikes made for mountains. Don’t worry. The hardships and rewards of mountain biking are equally as familiar as those encountered on the road. Only better.

The world’s greatest indoor trainer

Imagine this toy at home. Needs a big shed, mind. Say no more.

London to Paris

And finally, some fixed gear riding. No tricks here, just riding, hitting the road from London to Paris where the group meet Lance Armstrong and a bike that serves tequila. Watch out for Super Ted. He refuels on Guinness.


5 thoughts on “Watch: best online cycling videos – films and documentaries

  1. I love this – I wish I had time to watch them all.

    I have tweeted a recommendation out to about 700 followers – so I hope you get some traffic!

    Happy New Year


    1. Thank you Kevin. There’s plenty of rainy days so hopefully you can put your feet up and return. Admittedly it took me pretty much all of xmas to find them. Well, the spare bits of xmas that is!

      Liked by 1 person

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