Best cycling blogs of the year

Losing a little aero advantage

When not cycling or writing about cycling I’m reading about cycling. Addict! It’s time I share the love. Below is a short list of top blogs in no particularly order or rank bringing you a small selection of the writers who have fed my habit and kept me entertained this year.

Cycling Uphill

A blog about riding up hills. It does what is says on the tin. Written by a candid hill climb champion who’s love for riding up grades shines through in his words. Tejvan’s blog is the reason my blog exists, so he’s to blame or thank. The blog post I remember most was one a few days after this year’s national hill climb championship when the former champion begins to come to terms with age.

The wonderful world of Audax rides

The man from icon took me on a deep, dark journey into the wonderfully weird world of long distance Audax rides. The glamour of car parks, of beating the bonk, of cycling more miles, sorry kilometres, than we can believe. I may not crave to join these long distance specialists but I understand their need to ride and I love the spirit of these epic adventures.

What makes riding special?

Speed or skill? When Le Grimpeur puts pen to paper to tackle an issue the writing is great and his thought process detailed as he draws upon the world at large and other great thinkers. Brew a cup of coffee, sit down and immerse yourself in The Ride Better Manifesto.

A Corinthian endeavour

The author of the Traumfahrrad blog recently published his book on hill climbing, A Corinthian Endeavour and is one of the few authors who bares his ire against the cycling world, particularly his heartfelt hatred of Rapha. I’ve enjoyed his musings and rants, particularly the irony of becoming a published author only to be invited to speak at Rapha to promote his book. Would he kneel at the church who he hath been crusading against? A good sample of the man’s writing can be found in his book or a sneak peek here in the foreword to the National Hill Climb programme.

Cycle Stuff

This Cardiff based blogger often blesses my RSS feed with lovely cycling photos and short odes to all things two wheels. The Oldest Racer, is a story of age and cycling which once again caught my eye, for some reason. Can’t think why. Oh no.

Cycling minutiae

Many times I read something and learn something new. Many times I read things others would find odd. When this happens in the same blog post, I know I’m onto something. The finer points in life are not necessarily trivial. Enter PedalWorks and talk of which way you should close and tighten your QR levers.

Happy reading and happy new year. Please share your favourite cycling blogs and writers in the comments.

Still bored? Here’s five of my top blog posts from the last year.

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