What I think about when I’m cycling

Cycle thoughts
Nothing, usually. Mind empty, this is why I cycle. Complete escape. Meditation without all of that sitting around nonsense. The ability to eat a banana without tasting it. To hurt without feeling it. To drink and dribble down my chin without a care in the world. I am a Zen cycling master. Most of the time.

My cycling thoughts will vary depending on where and why I am riding. Here’s a glimpse into the mind of a cyclist. Be warned, it ain’t pretty!


Which way is that car going? That cyclist is turning right without signalling. Here comes THAT pothole. I’m loving this. Must get home. Damn I’m hungry. Tired. Wow, look at that sunrise. Darn, it really was hot today. Bloody cyclists, jumping red lights. This dude has no idea I’ve been drafting him for 3 miles, ha! Who’s that drafting me, bastards. Must catch that rider up ahead. Whoa, who does that dude think he is overtaking me? Let them go, I’m in control. Bye bye traffic. Man, I’m loving this. Wish I could ride forever. Oh, home already.
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The long ride

It’s a good job nobody can hear me sing. I’m starving. Why didn’t I bring more food? Where’s the next tap? Can I pee here? I’m so alone, so absolutely brilliantly alone. I hope I don’t puncture. What’s that noise? Wow, I’m a hero, look at how many miles I’ve cycled. Need to slow down. No, push it. Shit, not another hill. Whoa, where did that rabbit come from? Not long until I upload this bad boy on Strava. I’m going to eat my weight in food when I get in. Tired yet happy. Bliss.
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Turbo trainer interval

Is it over yet? What about now? Now? Arghhhh! How many more of these intervals are left? Must focus. Concentrate. Keep the power up. God I’m hot. And wet. And tired. This ain’t cycling. This is good for me, right? Then why does it hurt so much? Man, I’m going to beast my next outdoor ride. That was easy, too easy. Slow down. Speed up. Why am I cycling in my hallway?
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“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bicycle and that’s pretty close.”


Oh. My. God. This is amazing. Look at this place. This is what life is about. I wonder if I could jack in my job and just ride. Forever. Can be done right? I’ll hand in my notice on Monday and live on the road. I’ll wild camp. I’ll learn bushcraft and eat bugs if I have to.

Oh oh, is that a storm cloud approaching. I’m hungry. Why did I pack so much? This bike is heavy. Damn I’m tired. Where have all my gears gone? Just look at my cycle tan! Where am I? I am the only person in the world. This is beautiful. Wait until I blog about this. I should stop to take a photo but I’m enjoying the ride far too much. Life doesn’t get much better than this.
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The tired ride

I hate cycling. Really, what the f*ck am I doing? I’m how many miles away from home? Feck. Puncture. Damn it’s cold. Oh rain, great. This is silly now. Argh, monster headwind. Cycling is so pointless. Why is my bike making that noise? My legs are killing me. Hands frozen. Must focus, concentrate. Whoa, grass verge. Should have stayed in bed.
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Just riding

Where am I going? Who cares? Look at life, moving all around me. This is bliss. Oh, I’ve never noticed that before. So that’s where I am. Light-bulb moment, so that’s the answer to the problem that’s been bothering me. Wow, look at the time, I’ve been gone for hours. Why do more people not cycle? I’m floating, flying, not a care in the world. Mind blank.
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Image: Adapted from an excellent Sally Carson illustration

12 thoughts on “What I think about when I’m cycling

  1. This post is brilliant. What about ‘look at me on that mirror (storefront), I look like a pro…’ haha. And ‘I had enough. Can someone through a hook from sky and take me home? That would be cool man…’ haha. Specially when tired, plenty of stupid thoughts come to mind…

    Today our team member Monica writes a similar post about the pleasure of riding. Have a look in http://www.redcyclingsocks.co.uk/#/blog/4591228857

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  2. “this is the song that doesn’t end, it goes on and on my friends…”
    “John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt, his name is my name too…”

    My brain really likes to torment me when I’m riding.

    Liked by 1 person

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