The bike that thinks it’s a rhinoceros 🦏

Mistakes. We all make them. For some the consequences are greater than others. Pedestrians, cyclists, drivers. We share one inescapable trait. We’re all human. An easily forgotten fact when the red mist descends and the adrenaline thumps your heart hard against your chest.

It’s easy to pick apart the human choices in this video. The cyclist who isn’t paying attention and bumps into the car ahead. The driver of the headbutted car driving too close to others at speed, the taxi driver who tries a u-turn, the ambulance driver who sounds the siren late and briefly. Take your pick.

Fortunately no damage was done. A reminder that we’re all fallible. A reminder never to switch off.

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3 thoughts on “The bike that thinks it’s a rhinoceros 🦏

    1. Love it. I have a soft spot for drafting large vehicles too. The speed, the challenge, the listening to the engine and watching the brake lights. Great fun (risky too, no doubt about it).


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