How (not) to clean your bike

Cleaning your bike is something you do less than you should. We don’t all have pro mechanics to hand, waiting to take the bike off us immediately after our ride with a big sponge in their hand. Yet there’s nothing quite like riding a freshly cleaned chainset. You can see the cyclist’s dilemma. We can’t […]

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A love letter to my bike

You were not my first love. No, I wrongfully deceived both you and myself for many a wasted year, flirting with football, frolicking with running, and goofing around with golf. And let’s hear no talk of the sordid affair with alcohol. What was I thinking? Yet throughout you were always there, waiting demurely in the […]

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If Darth Vader cycled…

If Darth Vader cycled… He wouldn’t worry about pollution If Darth Vader cycled… He would probably benefit from a wind tunnel session If Darth Vader cycled… He would take ages on toilet breaks but you would most definitely wait

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