Land’s End to London – A random cycle ride

Cycling Lands End to London
The road called. A distant road. Ride me, it whispered seductively. Feel the wind blowing through your hair. The satisfaction of miles, day after day. Nothing but cycling.

There’s no stress on the road. No emails. Your only meetings are with roadkill. Your memory the only photocopier. Sure, for some of us there may still be spreadsheets, but you get my drift.

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Watch: best online cycling videos – films and documentaries

Best cycling videosWords can only say so much. Here then are some moving pictures for you in a collection of top cycling videos. This is a compilation of feature-length and shorts, be they touring, road biking, fixed gear, cycling on ice, or simply cycling for the fun of it.

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Round numbers and cycling 100 miles

Bicycle trailerRiding 100 miles is quite a feat. That’s why the metric century was invented for those of you who don’t really, really love cycling. You can’t fool us Brits with this made up kilometre of yours, even if you can add 100 of them together. We know that’s a mere 62.1371192 miles. Also known as a warm-up here in the UK. Aye, we’re tough.

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The joy of cycle touring – ride, sleep and repeat

The freedom of cycle touringFreedom. Escape. Journey. Cycle touring is heaven, a nirvana for the purist bike rider. A voyage, a pilgrimage, not from a to b but from a to z, the letters in between a jumble of memories no cycling blog or magazine can arrange into a string of words that will ever do your experiences justice.

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