Should I use a bicycle bell?

Cycling bell cartoon
Ding, ding, bike on the road! Ding ding, careful now.
 Ding ding, excuse me and my two wheeled contraption. Ding ding, look away from your phone and focus on the road you’re crossing. Ding ding ding ding, is this annoying? Ding ding ding ding ding, why are you angry I have alerted you to my presence? Ding! What the hell is bicycle bell etiquette?

I’ve fitted a bell to my commuter bike. My oh my. Who’d have thought such a simple act would be so fraught with existential questions?!

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Group riding – cyclists do it best in groups

Solitude is one of the primary the reasons why I cycle. Sometimes a man just needs to escape. No talking, no thinking, just pedalling and maybe the odd bit of singing at the top of your voice on an empty country lane (you know you do too). Rest assured there is no tandem in my shed. On a bike I am anonymous, I am the wind in the trees, I am free.

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