See the world – Cycle

Cycling has taken me to some beautiful parts of the world. Jaw dropping, breathtaking, awe inspiring. Epic, you might say. Yorkshire Dales and Moors, Lake District, Peak District, Exmoor National Park, a lot of France, a bit of Spain and most recently, the beautiful cycling island of Majorca. I am trying to recall these wonderful […]

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Cycling is not dangerous – kill your emotive language

I can’t die cycling if I stop riding, right? What? You mean cycling is not as dangerous as the media would have us believe? I don’t believe you. So much so that I’m going to sit on my couch and let my arteries fur, my stomach bulge and my brain empty.

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Please steal my bike

Winter has stolen my joy of cycling. If only it had taken my bike too. That would save me passing it in the hallway every time I exit the house, leaving it behind, a sad puppy betrayed by its owner. When I shut the front door, I’m sure I hear the steel cry, a haunting […]

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I will not harden the f*ck up (HTFU)

Apologies firstly to the disciples of Velominati, those of you who follow The Rules and find them motivating rather than belittling or tongue in cheek. Fortunately I believe The Rules were intended to be the latter, you know, ha-de-ha, wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Unfortunately, just as with the bible, these cycling commandments seem to have become something […]

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