RideLondon 46

Ride London 46Weather calm, legs rested. Ready. Ride London 46, that’s right, 46, awaited. And boy was I excited.

I only heard about this new shorter route of the RideLondon 100 when I was invited twice by different people on the same day. It’s a great idea to reduce the route and encourage new cyclists to get into cycling.

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Round numbers and cycling 100 miles

Bicycle trailerRiding 100 miles is quite a feat. That’s why the metric century was invented for those of you who don’t really, really love cycling. You can’t fool us Brits with this made up kilometre of yours, even if you can add 100 of them together. We know that’s a mere 62.1371192 miles. Also known as a warm-up here in the UK. Aye, we’re tough.

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