Hello winter bike. Please forgive me.

Cycling in snow

Hello old friend. It’s been a while. What? Yes, it’s that time of year again. I know, I know. Brrr.

Her? The mistress? That was a mere summer fling, showing off in front of others, a lightweight frolic beneath the sun.

Nothing compares to you, ever dependable winter bike, bike number 1 once and forever. You’re the one who gets me through the hard times, little reward for your endeavours but hour upon hour of steady rolling through frozen landscapes, more mud than road.

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How to cycle in winter (without crying)

cycling in winterHow to cycle in winter? Don’t. Ho, ho, ho. Why do we cycle in winter? It’s cold. Probably wet, filthy too. You can bet an icy wind awaits any uncovered skin. There’s more daylight in your pain cave. Yet out we go, lemmings* on wheels, our Lycra heavy limbs doing their best to beat Mr Frosty into submission.

Like sharks who need to swim to stay alive, we cyclists must keep the pedals turning lest we seize up. Some fear losing the tail of the bunch come spring if they lack winter miles. Not me. I fear losing my sanity for if I don’t cycle, I don’t live. Cue dramatic music.

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