See the world – Cycle

See the world on TV - Cycling memeCycling has taken me to some beautiful parts of the world. Jaw dropping, breathtaking, awe inspiring. Epic, you might say. Yorkshire Dales and Moors, Lake District, Peak District, Exmoor National Park, a lot of France, a bit of Spain and most recently, the beautiful cycling island of Majorca. I am trying to recall these wonderful mini tours and adventures in the hope they fire my imagination and get me back on the bike again. Yet a voice inside is braying loudly. ‘Want to see things? That’s why you have a TV’, it shouts, ‘You don’t need the bike.’

I turn on the TV.

Sometimes it is all too easy to stare at the TV and travel vicariously from the comfort of your couch, steering and conquering all terrains through the wonders of your infrared remote control. The beautiful world is all there courtesy of your gogglebox and it’s a heck of a lot easier watching others travel than packing the panniers and pushing yourself around the world.

I do not believe a word of it

Typing these sentences, I can feel something stirring within. For I know the rewards of a bike adventure. A benevolent force deep within has been awoken and I can feel the urge to do what I’ve been avoiding this past month. Enough of this wallowing. It’s back to the bike for me. All I need is a new cycling adventure to motivate me. The time has come to quit this whining and pull out the maps filled with far-off places and head for the hills. Roar!


Phew. That concludes this series of rather depressing and uninspiring cycling memes, all of which can be found at #CyclingTruths or here on the blog. I apologise if you suffered for my therapy!

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8 thoughts on “See the world – Cycle

  1. Turbo for me, I have quiet fell in love with it. Mind you here in Cornwall, with driving rain and 90mph winds I can see why.


    1. Thank you Poppy – motivation is creeping back, although after so long off the bike the first ride was tough! I’ll not bank on dry days until, ooh, let’s say July to be on the safe side!


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